Borough of Lodi Wastewater Conveyance System


Lodi, New Jersey

Neglia Group (Neglia) was responsible for managing the wastewater project development and implementation for the Borough of Lodi’s wastewater conveyance system. Below are the project details of the services that were provided.

  • Neglia coordinated all planning, design, financing, construction, and operations activities, involving six (6) sewage pumping stations, collections sewers and force mains
  • Improvements included the design of an innovated SCADA operated grinder system that permits the use of a two (2) grinder system
  • A wastewater system study permitted the elimination of one (1) of the sewage pumping station
  • Implemented a design that permits a common set of portable backup pumps and a standby generator developed to service five (5) of the Borough sewage pumping stations
  • Neglia provided the service of procuring the required pump repairs for key pumping stations