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Lyndhurst Junior High School
Lyndhurst, New Jersey

The Township of Lyndhurst has a new 100,000 square feet school with the capacity for enrollment of 600 students. The new school itself sits on a precipice with a forty (40) foot terrace retaining wall behind that leads down to a multi-purpose artificial turf field, a hockey rink, and outdoor learning space. Due to the significant difference in elevation, the school features an elevator and stair tower for students to easily access the outdoor space for gym classes, sports, or the outdoor class. Other state of the art features include an all glass cafeteria that will allow students to have lunch with an unobstructed view of the New York City skyline.

Due to the project’s location, the plans also had to take into consideration safety standards. The entire school building is accessible by fire emergency crews.

Neglia Group provided the following services for this project: boundary and topographic surveying, site design, grading and drainage, utility, and landscape architectural services.

Project at a Glance

Client: DiCara Rubino Architects
& Township of Lyndhurst BOE

Location: Lyndhurst, NJ

Construction Budget:
$52 million