We’re excited to announce Neglia Group’s rebranding and website redesign. You may have seen the new building signage, and we want to assure you we are still committed to serving our long-time clients with the same civil engineering and consulting offerings. 

We’re proud of our new look and easy-to-use website, and we’re excited to expand our services in ways that best serve our clients. As you review our core services, you’ll see our continued emphasis on excellent customer service, clear communication, and efficiencies.   

The Same Great Services

Experienced. Dedicated. Responsive.

After decades of serving local municipalities and private companies, we bring these three characteristics into every project we take on. Our engineers and team members keep your best interests in mind through every service offering. 


Over 70 years ago, Neglia was founded on efficient surveying practices and improved workflow between office and field staff. We continue to offer this core service to municipal, county, and private sector clients so you can receive accurate measurements and plan projects successfully.

With expanded drone and unmanned aerial systems, our surveys are more accurate and efficient than ever before.


Our municipal and county clients rely on our planning services to make the best decisions for their residents. Whether planning transportation or developments, we guide the decision process for better budgets and ultimately better services for local residents. 

Because of our decades of experience, we easily accommodate changes in regulations to plan the future of your town and county effectively. For our private clients, we utilize our local knowledge to obtain the correct permits and approvals for a successful project.

Construction Management

With resources on both ends of the project, Neglia Group is prepared to manage a construction project from engineering plans through the end of construction. We prioritize communication so projects can remain on schedule and on budget as much as possible.

Landscape Architecture

With our continued focus on municipal, county, and private sector projects, our landscape architects understand the local environment and make the decisions to best use local resources while enhancing biodiversity.

Expanded Offerings

After 70 years in civil engineering and consulting, we have expanded our services to better serve our clients. As a result, you’ll receive the same responsive attention and service you’ve come to expect from Neglia Group, with the additional capabilities you need to run a project successfully. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We know your county or municipality has a lot of data to track – from road paving to water valve inspections and more – so we work with your existing systems or recommend the best product to keep your data accessible. You need easy access to this data to better plan for the future and serve your residents.

The benefits of Geographic Information Systems impact everyone involved: with proper road paving assessments, you can prevent delays for your residents. By collecting and organizing the US Census Data, you can better understand trends and opportunities for business growth. And with clear dashboards, your team can easily access data online from anywhere with an internet browser. While we have recommended platforms, we work within your established structures to best meet your budget needs and maximize investment.

One of our top priorities is responsive communication, and GIS only enhances those capabilities. In addition, with our efficiencies and knowledge of large-scale projects, we can ensure you have clear reporting and data retention for years to come.

UAS and Drone Services

Drones have significantly increased our ability to collect accurate data and provide project updates. With Unmanned Aerial Systems, we can provide safe, remote inspections, as well as photography and images to ensure progress. Our team consists of certified drone pilots operating under the Federal Aviation Administration, and we keep them current on their certifications with continuing education and knowledge exams.

We’ve found these services especially useful in keeping the public engaged with an ongoing expansive project, as well as assessing damage after a flood or emergency. All parties involved can stay safe but up-to-date on current efforts.

The Future

As a third-generation family business, we strive to provide the same great service you’ve received for over 70 years. While our look and expanded services may seem new, we’re simply providing the tools your municipality, county, or private company need to meet today’s building and safety regulations.

We continue to provide the best customer service and accountability to our clients, so we can maintain our reputation as one of the industry’s most respected, versatile, and accomplished firms.