Kearny Sewer Separation and Netting, YR-2

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Kearny, NJ

Neglia Group (Neglia) managed the Kearny Sewer Separation & Netting project. Year 2 is the second phase of a three-phased project. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) mandated several improvements to Kearny’s combined sewer system. This phase includes sewer separation, as well as installation of netting chambers that reduce pollution at CSO Outfall locations. Below are the project details of the services that were provided.

  • Neglia was responsible for cost analysis, regulatory coordination, design, and construction management for the outfall locations in this phase – the Stewart Avenue Outfall, the Nairn Avenue Outfall and the Marshall Street Outfall
  • Sewer separation was designed for the Marshall Street System, eliminating it as an Outfall Point
  • In-line netting chambers were designed for the Stewart Avenue and Nairn Avenue location, bringing the Town up to NJDEP standards and reducing pollutant discharge into the Passaic River
  • Completion of this project has improved the quality of the Passaic River and brought the Town of Kearny within compliance of the NJDEP mandates